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A Potion of Invisibility is a potion that a wizard can use to become invisible for an hour. Once drank, the user cannot see anything and can no longer cast spells. The potions are useful for a variety of purposes. However, they have certain limitations.


A potion of invisibility will allow you to move freely and safely around the game world. Once consumed, the potion will keep you invisible until it wears off. This makes it very useful for combatting strong mobs. You will need a fermented spider eye, sugar, and a brown mushroom to craft this potion. To obtain the sugar cane, you must go near a source of water. You can also find brown mushrooms in dark, underground regions.

Once you have these materials, you can then make your own potion of invisibility. A single potion will give you invisibility for 1 hour. However, you can still see items attached to your body and mobs can hear you. Therefore, you must use caution when using a potion of invisibility, since it will not keep you completely undetectable.

The ingredients for brewing a potion of invisibility are largely the same as those for making other potions. The most challenging part is finding the nether fortress. This area is home to the blaze and nether wart enemies. Luckily, these enemies will also give you blaze rods, which are used to make a brewing stand. You will also need a water bottle to hold the potion’s effect. The easiest stone to obtain is cobblestone.

Potion of invisibility is a great way to get out of dangerous situations. It can make you unnoticeable for a short period of time, which is great for sneaking around. However, it does not prevent you from wearing armor and it is still a dead giveaway to pranksters. In addition, you can also make splash potions to make mobs and horses invisible. This can be especially useful if you want to surprise someone with an invisible mob.

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