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Link’s Awakening features a series of sidequests that can be completed at any point in the game. One of these sidequests is the Trading Sequence, a series of exchanges in which the player has to complete 13 trades to acquire the Magnifying Lens. This is an essential item for navigating the final dungeon.

Link’s Awakening features a variety of different sidequests, from small to complex. The smaller quests are fun and can lead to new discoveries. There are even a few world-scouring collect-a-thons involving gilded Korok poo.

Link must return to many areas to upgrade his abilities and to continue the storyline. Many of these sidequests involve coordinating with various people in different places. This makes for some interesting sidequests, including some that are extremely difficult and require advanced planning. While some of them may seem easy at first, others require a great deal of strategy.

The Item Trader in Toronbo Shores will trade items for Boomerang. However, you should be careful because the trader will not accept certain items, such as bombs, magic powder, or a bow. The most effective item to trade is a Shovel, particularly late in the game. The Item Trader will then return your item in exchange for your Boomerang.

One of the most challenging sidequests requires you to defeat an enemy, the Armos. This creature can be killed with the boomerang or arrow. You can also use the shield to clear the path. The statue at the bottom right of the screen has a staircase underneath it.

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