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To record screencasts on a Chromebook, you need to use the same toolbar as you would to take screenshots. On the toolbar, find the Screen Capture button, which is located on the shelf with the battery, clock, and wi-fi icons. Click this button to start recording your screencasts.


Recording your screen on a Chromebook is a simple process. You can choose to record an entire window, or a specific app. This can be helpful when you want to demonstrate a feature, or if you want to diagnose a problem. You can also record the full screen, which will record everything that is shown on your screen.

Loom is a free screen recording app for Chromebook that lets you record your screen and share it with others. It is also a powerful tool for creating tutorial videos. Its Pro subscription is free for students and teachers, and it includes an editing panel for quick edits. There are also enterprise plans available, which can help you make high-quality videos.

If you haven’t already done so, you can record your screen from the Quick Settings menu of your Chromebook. To do this, simply press Shift + Ctrl + Show Windows to open the menu at the bottom of your screen. From there, select Screen Capture from the bottom-bar menu. You’ll see a video icon and two options: full screen recording and partial screen recording. You can also choose which windows to record. You can also record audio as well.

After recording your screen, you can play the recording on your PC. You can edit the recording settings as needed, change the save location, and even switch on or off your microphone. The recording will be stored in the Downloads folder. The recording will be saved in the WEBM format.

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