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If you are looking for a way to collect XL Candy for Pokemon GO, you’ve come to the right place. The following are some methods to earn XL Candy for Pokemon GO. Some of these methods include Caught Shiny Pokemon, Walking with a high-level buddy’mon, and Transferring XL Candy to Professor Willow.

Rare XL Candy

In Pokemon Go, there are several ways to obtain rare Pokemon Go XL Candy. These candy items are used for boosting a Pokemon’s energy. If you want to level up your Pokemon, you’ll need to collect at least 296 XL Candy for each of them. In addition, you can trade for XL Candy by completing certain tasks.

You can also get XL Candy by evolving your Pokemon. However, this type of Candy does not appear as a reward on your screen – it will appear in your Pokemon’s XL Candy. Moreover, it is more likely to happen when you’re evolving higher level Pokemon. It is best to note the XL Candy that you’ve collected before evolving your Pokemon.

There are five methods to farm XL Candy in Pokemon GO. The first method involves collecting rare Candies from various locations. You need to collect a large amount of them in a short period of time. You can also trade them with other players for other Candy items. In addition, you can use XL Candy in Pokemon GO raids. However, you should remember that you’ll need to collect thousands of rare Candies to get one XL Candy.

The best way to get XL Candy is to catch Pokemon. It’s the fastest way to earn them. If you’re lucky, first-stage evolution Pokemon will drop one XL Candy while two-stage evolution Pokemon will drop two. Moreover, Mythical and Legendary Pokemon will drop three XL Candies. Raid bosses will also drop one.

Another way to get rare Pokemon Go XL Candy is to complete tasks and earn them in the reward zone. After leveling up, you can use them to level up your Pokemon. However, the XL Candy is not as common as regular candies, so it’s important to learn how to use them properly.

Lastly, XL Candy is also useful for powering up Pokemon like Dragonite. This Pokemon is considered a powerful Pokémon and is widely used in the Pokemon Go Battle League competitions. XL Candy is needed to level up its stats and make it useful in the Ultra League.

Caught Shiny Pokemon

If you’re looking to maximize your candy stash in Pokemon Go, it’s important to know that not all Pokemon are equal. Caught Shiny Pokemon, for example, can earn you 0 to 3 XL Candy. However, higher level Pokemon can earn you more, as they drop more XL Candy than low-level ones. Also, catching more wild Pokemon will result in multiple XL Candy.

Some of the rare shiny Pokemon can be difficult to catch. Hitmontop, for example, is relatively difficult to catch and only spawns in event areas. Luckily, Candy XL will give you another chance to get it. Other shiny Pokemon to look for include Medicham, which has a Mega Evolution and competes in the Great League. Klink, however, is not a common spawn.

The best time to collect XL Candy is when your Pokemon is level 40 or higher. You can use it to raise the Pokemon’s level, and the higher the CP, the better. This is especially useful when you’re trying to advance to the Master League.

While catching XL Candy is a time-consuming process, it is the most effective way to level up your Pokemon. The best way to obtain a large number of XL Candy is by catching as many Pokemon as possible, as each catch has a chance of earning 1-3 XL Candy.

It is also possible to get XL Candy from unevolved creatures, but this requires a lot of Candy. To level up Pokemon past Level 40, you need to obtain at least 29,600 Candy to unlock the next level. However, this method is expensive, and it’s not ideal for beginners.

Walking high-level buddy’mon

If you’re looking to get Candy XL, you’re going to have to walk with a high-level buddy’mon. This will take you a bit of time, but the rewards will be worth it. There are a few types of high-level buddy’mon you should consider, and we’ll cover a few of them below.

One thing to remember when walking with a buddy is that the distance you walk with your buddy can impact your chances of earning Candy XL. The longer you walk with a high-level buddy’mon, the more Candy XL you’re going to get. It’s best to have a buddy who’s level 31 or higher, so you’ll have more chances of earning Candy XL when walking with them.

Another important tip when walking for Candy is to remember that different Pokemon need different distances to earn Candy. A slowpoke, for example, needs to walk 3 kilometers before it can earn Candy. Also, remember that slowpoke will only give you one candy for every 3 kilometers it walks.

Another way to earn Candy is to hatch eggs. Each egg will give you a chance to receive more XL Candy as you progress through the game. You can also get XL Candy by transferring your Pokemon to Professor Willow. However, this method is not very efficient. It will only work if you’re Trainer Level 31 or higher.

While you can still use your high-level buddy’mon to catch Candy, you can also use them to evolve your Pokemon. This is especially helpful in the Master League. However, you must be careful when changing your Buddy because you’ll lose any progress you made with it.

Transferring XL Candy to Professor Willow

There are a few ways to get XL Candy in Pokemon Go. You can earn one of these candies by hatching eggs, trading them with other players, or transferring them to Professor Willow. The chances of receiving XL Candies are much higher if you own a powerful Pokemon, but it’s not always possible to find them. However, you can get a chance to earn more by incubating eggs and walking with your buddy, which will help you obtain a few more XL candies.

The first step is to open your storage and select the Pokemon that you want to transfer. It’s a good idea to transfer weaker Pokemon, as these can evolve into stronger Pokemon. Make sure to transfer candy that’s associated with the species you’re trying to level up.

Once you’ve collected a good number of XL Candy, you can move them to Professor Willow to level them up and earn legendary Pokemon. While catching wild Pokemon is the most efficient way to level up, it’s not possible to catch legendary Pokemon unless you have a high enough amount of Candy. Fortunately, Niantic is working to make this easier.

You can also send Pokemon that you don’t need to level up to the Master League to Professor Willow. You will earn one candy for each one you send, and depending on their battle power, you can receive several XL candies in a short time. Rare candies are also useful for event and legendaries, so you may want to send them to Professor Willow if you don’t need them right away.

Another way to transfer Pokemon Go XL Candy to Professor Willow is to trade them with other Trainers. When trading, higher level Pokemon have a higher chance of giving you XL Candy. While transferring these Pokemon to a higher level Pokemon, you can also trade with friends to maximize your trading and earning. This is the best way to maximize your chances of earning Candy XL.

XL Candy can be obtained by trading with Trainers above Level 40. However, it’s important to remember that it takes at least 296 regular Candy for one XL Candy. That’s a lot of candy! Moreover, you’ll have to spend a lot of time converting the candy to XL Candy, and the process can be very tedious and time-consuming.

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