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The Comodo Positive Wildcard SSL certificate is a Domain Validated (DV) certificate that supports 256-bit encryption using the SHA-2 algorithm. It offers a $250,000 warranty and is one of the most affordable certificates in the ClickSSL portfolio. Read on to learn more about this certificate.

It supports 256-bit encryption with SHA-2 algorithm

Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard SSL certificate offers a high level of encryption and protects multiple domains and sub-domains. It only requires a one-time installation and can secure up to 250 fully qualified domain names. The certificate also features secure site seal. It gives your customers peace of mind and helps increase customer confidence.

Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard supports 256-bit encryption and is ideal for websites with unlimited subdomains. It is a cost-effective wildcard SSL certificate that encrypts customer data. The 2048-bit root certificate and 256-bit encryption provide enhanced security and a secure browsing experience for your customers.

Comodo Positive Wildcard SSL certificate supports 256-bit encryption and is compatible with 99.3% of all browsers. It also supports unlimited server licensing, which secures all sub-domains under the same domain name. Moreover, it comes with a $10,000 USD warranty.

Comodo Positive Wildcard SSL is a popular domain-validated certificate. It offers security for 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit RSA keys. It is also compatible with various devices and is ideal for websites with low-volume traffic. Comodo Positive SSL has a strong reputation amongst customers and is a world leader in SSL security. This company issues SSL certificates for both large and small businesses.

While it is still possible to buy SHA-2 certificates for existing SSL customers, it is recommended that you upgrade your current SSL certificates to those using the SHA-2 algorithm. To upgrade, you should first supply your CSR, and then select the SHA-2 option in your certificate order form. Comodo will present you with this option at every point of sale.

Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard certificate is one of the most affordable SSL certificates available today. It protects your primary domain and unlimited subdomains. It is issued by the most trusted Certificate Authority in the world, Comodo. The best thing about this SSL certificate is that you can use it to secure unlimited subdomains.

It is one of the cheapest certificates in ClickSSL portfolio

If you are looking for a secure certificate for your website, consider the Comodo Positive Wildcard SSL, which can start at $44. This Certificate is ideal for businesses looking to secure online transactions and boost their online image. This Certificate has the advantage of being easy to install and can establish your business identity and trust among your customers.

Comodo’s PositiveSSL Wildcard is a domain validated certificate that provides strong encryption for your site. It is an excellent choice if you want to secure a large number of subdomains. You can also use this certificate to secure customer sensitive information. This Certificate offers 256-bit encryption and a 2048-bit root certificate.

ClickSSL offers a wide range of SSL certificates. This company is known for its affordability. This company also offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Furthermore, ClickSSL offers extra services such as SSL installation and SSL finder.

If you’re planning on using the SSL certificate for a long period, it is a good idea to compare the renewal prices of these two certificates. GoDaddy charges for renewals, while Comodo provides unlimited SSL renewals for the same price. Additionally, the Comodo certificate can secure many subdomains and domains without the need for separate certificates. Comodo also offers unlimited server licenses for multi-domain wildcard certificates, while GoDaddy only offers one.

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